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GPT chatbot services for businesss

October 2023 – Kindgeek, a leading one-stop-shop custom fintech software development provider, launches a comprehensive suite of AI assistant services to help businesses seamlessly build and deploy custom AI chatbots powered by the state-of-the-art OpenAI models and beyond.

As businesses face the challenges of cost optimization in customer support, the need for improved digital service, and operational efficiency, chatbots emerge as a helpful, up-to-date solution.

Beyond cost optimization and operational efficiency, advanced AI chatbots open doors to outstanding human-like service at scale, personalization, and data-driven insights to help fintech businesses understand customer needs best and discover untapped upselling opportunities.

Our commitment to providing innovative solutions that drive transformational potential has led us to develop a comprehensive suite of AI assistant services to help you seamlessly build and leverage your custom AI chatbot powered by the state-of-the-art OpenAI models and beyond.

Looking into the business value

Recent figures indicate that 77% of companies acknowledge customer service as a critical business priority, while 73% recognize a clear-cut connection between customer service and business performance.

Being interrelated, both can be elevated and supercharged with a smart AI chatbot.

Advanced AI chatbots empower fintech companies to effectively respond to robust market dynamics, soaring expenses, operational inefficiencies, and ever-growing customer expectations.

Exceptional digital customer service 

With the help of the GPT-driven chatbot, businesses can forge meaningful connections with customers and effectively address their needs, as it has superb conversational skills and can understand user intent behind the query. Additionally, such an AI assistant can retain context and understand human sentiment to form more relevant responses. On top of that, with data from previous interactions, businesses can personalize interactions at scale and uncover upselling opportunities, as 73% of customers expect to receive a tailored service.  

Improved operational efficiency 

GPT-powered AI assistant empowers businesses to address customer support inefficiencies and supercharge agents' productivity by automating first-line customer support. Given that 40% of tickets are repetitive,  support representatives can redirect their efforts to more complex, value-added tasks and let AI easily handle the rest with round-the-clock availability for customers. Such a move not only leads to enhanced efficiency but also allows to smartly optimize costs and redirect them to enhance other business areas.

How it works

Large language models, just like GPT, are a great building block for creating smart AI chatbots for businesses.

With its impressive out-of-the-box knowledge, coupled with substantial training efforts invested and stunning NLP capabilities the model has developed, harnessing these strengths becomes a matter of fine-tuning.

This entails training the model with your business-specific data and making necessary adjustments to essential parameters. 

Apart from the evident benefits of fine-tuning with respect to the quality of outputs, such an approach also ensures the security of your data, as the model becomes a private one. 

With open API provided and fine-tuning available, Kindgeek experts can connect and customize your own state-of-the-art AI model to turbocharge your business with a smart chatbot.

Let's see the use cases 

Fine-tuned GPT can be utilized for a myriad of use cases. Here are the key potential ones:

What about the benefits

With its strengths, GPT-driven chatbot contributes to better custom care, enhanced customer experiences and satisfaction rates, boosted operational efficiency and cost savings, which all translate to better market position, customer loyalty, and business growth.

Prospects of a more advanced chatbot version

Yet, it is possible to supercharge the GPT-driven chatbot and drive an even more immersive, human-like experience, blurring the lines between human interaction and AI to a greater extent.

With advanced text-to-speech technology coupled with real-time animation, businesses can craft their digital brand persona to engage in conversations with customers to boost satisfaction, engagement rates and help them form a better connection with AI representatives, contributing to long-lasting and mutually beneficial customer relationships.

Unlock the power of GPT for your business 

OpenAI's impressive GPT models and similar are a perfect building block for creating custom, fully functional conversational chatbots.

Having extensively worked with GPT-3 fine-tuning, our experts possess the necessary expertise to fine-tune and integrate the model within your product and infrastructure. 

We have determined the best practices and tested various GPT models to fit the chatbot use case best, both in terms of performance and resources needed.

Whatever your unique needs are, our experts possess the necessary expertise to help your business leverage state-of-the-art GPT models and similar.

From technical advisory services to end-to-end integration and prompt engineering, our team of experts is dedicated to meeting your unique business needs at any point along your digital transformation journey. 

About Kindgeek

Kindgeek is a one-stop-shop product development company that illuminates how finance companies can reach their full potential with digital solutions. More than 200 companies have trusted Kindgeek to build their MVPs, products, and scale engineering teams. 

From ideation to deployment and beyond, we guide through the whole process of developing fintech products. We build custom solutions from scratch and have white-label solutions that save time to market while resolving core business needs. Our Integration Hub unites fintech leaders, aligning solutions with unique needs. Embrace AI, open banking, chatbots, BNPL, core banking, and WEB 3.0 through our expert approach. 

We constantly leverage new technologies and grow into a fintech product and services ecosystem while building long-term partnerships based on trust and collaboration. 

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